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  • On 04/30/2020 Roman Bessnow wrote: Relationship: Close Familiar
    It was just after I moved from Philadelphia to Boston. I visited Clark for a first time, we were eating, drinking and arguing about some performances and records. Then somehow an LP of Bruckner 4 materialized in my hands. I asked Clark why I never was able to “get” Bruckner. Clark responded in his estimable manner: “Because Bruckner requires patience and you never practice patience because you never shut a fuck up.” I was laughing then but I certainly took a note and then discovered Bruckner for myself…
  • On 05/01/2020 Bill Gaw wrote: Relationship: Close Familiar
    I first met Clark in 1982 at his Listening Studio, there to purchase a pair of his VMPS Super Tower 2aR speakers. From there our friendship was all uphill. At least once a month I'd visit the studio, attend a concert or have a meal with him, and several times a year he'd come to my media room for a late night listening session. He often invited me to join him on his trips to the Consumer Electronics Show, both in Chicago and Las Vegas. He became my music guru, and through his guidance, and expertise, he helped me in my avocation, writing for enjoy the music.com. One of my regrets was not being able to visit him often during his last six months of suffering. You will be missed.